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Student Clubs/Organizations

Student clubs and organizations are a branch of the Associated Students of Fullerton College, however, Student Life and Leadership provides support and assistance to all clubs and organizations by sharing relevant information and coordinating student activities which encourages, engages, and embraces the diverse spectrum of shared interests (cultural, academic, social, personal, professional, etc.) among clubs and organizations. Student life and leadership are a necessary part of learning “outside of the classroom” in the completion of each student’s educational and personal growth. Programs, services and hands-on experiences are planned with sufficient variety and provide an opportunity for all to participate.

All officially recognized clubs and organizations that have been approved by Associated Students at Fullerton College must abide by the policies, procedures, and guidelines of Associated Students (A.S.), Fullerton College, and the North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD), including the Standards of Student Conduct and Discipline.  Student clubs and organizations are subject to the approval, guidance, and regulation of the Associated Students of Fullerton College.