General Regulations


Clubs and organizations shall be recognized as authorized clubs/organizations (official name) providing that they confirm the following conditions:

  • Are composed entirely of currently enrolled students of the college;
  • Have advisors (Fullerton College faculty) approved by the Director of Student Life & Leadership;
  • Hold the majority of their meetings at the College during regular campus hours unless otherwise approved by the club advisor(s);
  • Select members without discrimination or preference for any person(s) on the basis of gender, sex, sexual orientation, physical disabilities, age, marital status, financial status, ethnicity, race, ancestry, national origin, health, religious creed, or the lack thereof;
  • Establish goals that are educational and compatible with the college and/or community interest;
  • Have written a constitution approved by the Associated Students Senate.

Upon verification of the conformity to the conditions listed above, the club/organization may receive official authorization from the Associated Students.  Once officially recognized, the club/organization shall comply with the following conditions:

  • The approved constitution and lists of current officers and members shall be on file with Student Life & Leadership;
  • An approved full-time faculty advisor shall attend or keep abreast of and be responsible for official meetings;
  • All receipts and expenditures shall be handled in accordance with the Financial Code of the Associated Students Constitution and be subject to the accounting of the campus Bursar’s Office;
  • The program of activities, both on and off campus, shall be cleared in advance with the Advisor and Student Life & Leadership;
  • Clubs have the responsibility to comply and adhere to campus policies relating to publicity, distribution of material, circulation of petitions, use of forum areas for speakers, and use of facilities. Clubs shall complete the appropriate forms through Student Life & Leadership;
  • The exploitation of club/organization name, College, or District shall not be permitted;
  • No hazing activities as defined by the California Education Code shall be practiced by any organization or its members.