Frequently Asked Questions – Campus Photo ID Cards

ID Cards

I'm not taking any classes. Can I get an ID card?
Only students who are enrolled in at least 0.5 units at Fullerton College for the current semester may receive an ID card. Please note that waitlisted classes do not count as being actively enrolled.
I have an ID card from a previous semester. Can I use that?
If you have an ID card from a previous semester, you do not need to request a new ID card for the Spring 2023 semester.

Please bring your old ID card and a hard copy of your current semester Schedule/Bill to the Student Center (Room 214) to receive a validation sticker that will re-validate your ID card for usage for the Spring 2023 semester.

I lost my ID card. What do I do?

If you have lost your ID card on campus, please check with the Student Center (Room 214) to check our Lost and Found ID Cards in case someone has returned your ID card.

Students are currently allowed one free ID card for the Spring 2023 semester. If you have not taken advantage of this, you may replace your lost ID card with this free provision.

If you have already received your free ID card for the Spring 2023 semester, you will need to request a replacement ID card at Admission & Records and pay the $3.50 replacement fee at the Bursar’s Office. After paying the replacement fee, please keep a hold of the receipt and come to the Student Center (Room 214) for your replacement ID card.

I can't access the request form. What's going on?

Currently, the online form request is closed. If you would like to obtain a Fullerton College ID card, please come to the Student Center (Room 214) during the hours of ID card production to receive an ID card.

I don't have a physical valid ID. What can I do?

The following counts as valid ID cards:

  1. Driver’s license
  2. State ID
  3. Passport
  4. High school ID (if you a recent high school graduate)
  5. Other college’s ID

If you do not have any form of physical valid ID card, please contact us at for further assistance.

Please note that we cannot accept pictures of valid ID cards. We must see the physical ID itself.


What is AS Benefits?

AS Benefits is an optional fee students may pay every semester to receive additional benefits both on and off campus in forms such as student discounts. Students without AS Benefits status may still utilize their ID card to its fullest function on campus (e.g. checking out books/equipment, computer labs, academic support centers, free attendance at home athletics events, etc.).

What is this "Transportation Fee", and can I get it removed?

The Transportation Fee is a mandatory fee placed by Fullerton College on every actively enrolled student’s account to pay for the OCTA Bus Pass. In 2019, a referendum was held, and the student body voted to keep the Transportation Fee to cover the costs of providing public transportation for students. As this was a decision made by the student body, Student Life and Leadership cannot remove or waive the fee from your account.

However, if you are under dual enrollment status, you may be exempt from the fee. Please see your dual enrollment officer for more information.


What is the Free Meal Program at Fullerton College for Spring 2023?

The Meal Program is a program headed by Sodexo to provide free meals to Fullerton College students. Students will be able to use their campus ID card to pay for food at the cafeteria up to a certain limit each day. In order to take advantage of the Meal Program, students must have a Fullerton College ID card, which will require the student to be a currently enrolled in at least 0.5 units.

Details to note:

  1. As of today (1/12/2023), Student Life and Leadership has been informed that the daily credit is $12.00, but please be aware that the amount is subject to change
  2. The Meal Program will only apply to food provided by Sodexo, so it will not apply to third party organizations such as Starbucks and Jamba Juice
  3. The daily credit does not roll over to the next day and will reset at the beginning of each day
I can't get the OC Bus App. Is there any other option?

If you cannot download the OC Bus App, you can alternatively encode your Fullerton College ID card with the OCTA Bus Pass. Please come to the Student Center (Room 214) and request for ID card encoding during our hours of operation.

HOWEVER, please note that Student Life and Leadership expressly recommends that you download the OC Bus App rather than getting your ID card encoded for the following reasons:

  1. We can only encode one ID per semester, so if you lose the ID card, we cannot encode any replacement ID cards for the rest of the semester
  2. You must get your ID card encoded every semester you wish to utilize the service while the app will distribute a pass automatically every semester
  3. Students can only have their ID card encoded or the OC Bus App at a time, but not both, and it is more likely that you will lose your ID card than your phone

Updated as of 02/21/2023